Survivors accuse Geddert of abuse

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — Over the last week, survivors have accused of Geddert of breaking them down on a mental and physical level.

One of the gymnasts who trained at Twistars spent a large part of her impact statement today on the abuse she claims to have suffered by Geddert.

Makayla Thrush, who was the 17th victim to speak today, detailed both emotional and physical abuse. She claims Geddert ended her career when he threw her on the low bar and even told her to kill herself several times.

“Do you remember the time you got so mad at me? I don’t even know why that’s just who you are. You threw me on top of the low bar, ruptured the lymph nodes in my neck, gave me a black eye, and tore the muscles in my stomach. You told me to kill myself not just once but many other times, and unfortunately, I let you get the best of me because after you ended my career I tried. John you never even called me by my first name,” said Thrush.

Thrush then went on to say that Geddert would make her and other gymnasts scrub the bathroom floor with their toothbrush if he caught them eating anything he didn’t approve of.

While Geddert is part of the civil lawsuit against Nassar, Michigan State University, and USA Gymnastics, he is not facing any criminal abuse charges at this time.

In his letter to Twistars families, Geddert did say he will fight allegations against him at the appropriate time and place, but right now he does not want to distract from the victims’ statements at the Nassar sentencing hearing.

The hearing will pick back up at 9 am tomorrow with three more victim impact statements to be read. The judge is expected to make her decision on how long he will spend in prison before the day is over.

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