Not all neighborhood streets are clear of snow

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — Did you have any trouble getting to work or school this morning?

There are neighborhood streets that still haven’t been plowed.

News 10’s Chelsea Snyder talked with a man who was helping shovel people out of their driveways on the corner of Kendon Drive and Alpha Street. He tells us people have been getting stuck all day.

“I felt like I was back at my dad’s house in like the country going down some side streets that don’t ever get plowed. With it being so close to Pennsylvania where there is really no excuse for it to be this deep,” said Tejay White.

White says most of the people living on Kendon Street are elderly and already have a hard enough time leaving the house.

“This is family this is life so this is just unacceptable,” said White.

City plows hit the major streets and state truck lines first, depending on the snowstorm, before heading to local roads.

Lansing Public Service Director Andy Kilpatrick told News 10 they started on neighborhood streets Saturday night and have hit all roads in the city once. Plows are now in the process of going through a second round. That has White confused since this intersection is still a mess. He’s worried about what happens if the city doesn’t get to it soon.

“It’s going to get padded down and its just going to turn to ice. With it taking them so long to get out here it’s just going to get worse from here,” said White.

Kilpatrick tells us although they are in the process of going through the second round of plowing, there is a chance they missed a couple of streets. He says this neighborhood is scheduled for another round of plowing sometime tonight.

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